Holidays in St. Anton


Away from the daily routine – up into the mountains, where you can experience natural wonders first-hand. Enjoy the views, feel the wind whistling past your ears, savor the clear air and pure water, and then return home: to my Bergschlössl, where its solid walls have withstood all kinds of weather, as well as the highs and lows of the history of the Arlberg.

This building has seen many people come and go, always delighted to welcome guests no matter what the time of year! Many come over and over again. It was actually built upon a green meadow at the time of Emperor Franz Josef, over 100 years ago in 1905, when railway construction was starting to make lasting changes to life in the area. Only later, in the 30’s, were mountain lifts being built in the surrounding countryside, making it easier for tourists to get to the top of the Galzig, Valluga, Gampen, Kapall and Rendl. The old house was actually a grain transshipment station, later in the 50‘s becoming a doctor’s practice and guesthouse under the ownership of the family of Bertl and Dr. Hans Schalle. The Johanna and Klaus Moosbrugger-Lettner family renovated the solid building of their grandparents with great care and love for detail, managing to successfully preserve its small, personal design.

Today, guests enjoy all the modern comforts in an establishment rich in tradition, plus all the conveniences of being a perfect starting point for skiers, hikers, bikers and motor cyclists, vintage car fans, as well as loving couples, through-travelers and guests who appreciate the finer things in life. Anyone who steps inside this hotel immediately feels the more relaxed pace and the stylish atmosphere, exuding a sense of peaceful seclusion. This is definitely not your run-of-the-mill hotel.

The Moosbrugger-Lettner family, your hosts at the Bergschlössl