The Bergschlössl – A Boutique Hotel at the Arlberg

„Boutique Hotel“ & „Hideaway“: A Definition

Your Bergschlössl in St. Anton am Arlberg stands out as a secret from the mainstream – a Hideaway in the Tyrolean Alps. But what exactly is a “Hideaway” and what do we mean by the term “Boutique Hotel”? These and more questions will be answered in the following article.

What can be expected from a „Boutique Hotel“?

The term “Boutique Hotels” is mostly used to name personally led and individual, mostly small and luxurious hotels which offer high quality to their guests. The term itself derives from the marketing language.

A word in change of meaning

The origin of the word leads back to the French term „Boutique“, where it means „small business“ or general store“. If we dig deeper in language history, the word can also be traced back to the Occitan “botica” (shop) and the Greek “apothéke” (storeroom). Also the Spanish and Portuguese language offer the same word root, similar to the Italian “bo(t)tega” as well as “botica”.

The term „Boutique“ subsequently underwent a semantic shift by establishing itself in the meaning as “Fashion Boutique” – the emphasis was still on “small”, but now the exclusivity and individuality of the stores was stressed and reinforced.

The first Boutique Hotels

The first Boutique Hotels emerged in the 80s in world cities such as New York, Los Angeles or London. Today the trend of this special kind of holiday feeling is also widely spread in Europe and Asia. Especially at the beginning those kinds of hotels were known for having their interior made from top designers.

Since Switzerland introduced the categorization system of stars, the term “Boutique Hotel” became stronger again in opposition to big Art and Design Hotels, but measured in terms of individuality: These “oases of peace” emphasize their “uniqueness”, “individuality” and their “charm” and score with qualities such as personal leadership and unique equipment – mostly influenced by an individual handwriting. Those “Boutique Hotels” are often located in special, often historical building structures and devote themselves to a specific theme or style.

Your Boutique Hotel in the Alps: The Bergschlössl

Most importantly, your hosts at Bergschlössl in St. Anton make sure that you receive only the best during your stay in Tyrol: The high end hotel offers you high quality products and services.

The unique location, directly at the ski resort St. Anton and the very special building structure of a small castle will turn your stay at the Boutique Hotel at the Arlberg into an unforgettable experience.

Your lodge in the mountains awaits you with modern comfort in historic walls, away from everyday life. Clear air, clean water, lots of snow and fantastic panoramic views surround your holiday experience in St. Anton am Arlberg perfectly.

What can be expected by a „Hideaway“?

A „hidden place“ is also called a Hideaway. It is a place, where the world stands still, a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Often idealized by lovers as a romantic idyll, Hideaways are ideally located in gloriously-quiet natural landscapes that add up to rest and reverie. Hideaways are preferably outside of cities and urban centres, or at least well separated from stressful modern civilisation.

Your Hideaway in the Alps

Your hosts at the Bergschlössl define a „Hideaway“ as a kind of apartment without work where you experience absolute peace and find time to unwind. Already at your arrival you will feel the soothing touch of slowing down – when your pulse slows and your breathing deepens with the thoughts and daydreams, which are of substantial importance for idleness. Despite the quiet location of Bergschlössl, you profit of the ideal base for any leisure activities such as skiing, hiking, and biking or for exploring the wonderful Tyrolean holiday region around St. Anton.