St. Anton: Snow Parks on the Arlberg

Jumps, Slides, Shreds: one of the Alps’ Best Fun Parks

stanton-snowpark-arlberg2,000 metres above all things and with an impressive scenery – that is how Stanton Park presents itself, a pure dream for boarders and tricksters. By now this fun park is already well known not only in Austria but internationally. And whoever has been here knows exactly why.

Butter-boxes, jumps, jibs, rails, … at the ski and snowboard park you will find 5 different lines and areas combined for various levels. Park designer Rene Friedl and his crew have created a little paradise with a total of 32 elements at 2,025 metres.

  • Kidspark: with various small obstacles this area is perfect for fun and easy lines for beginners.
  • Beginner Area: three kicker jumps (3-4) as well as 4 butter-boxes from the 9 metres Elephant to the 3 metre flat.
  • Medium Area: biggest area with a total of 11 obstacles, from the 8m box to the 9m kicker jump and various rails and tubes.
  • Advanced Area: wallride jib, 11m kicker jump and 6m tube
  • Pro Area: kicker jump with 16 metres, A-Frame box with 9 metres

Stanton Park_06-02-2012_Park Checkout from QParks on Vimeo.

Coaching and Tips

Coaching takes place several times during each season; they are visited by beginners and pros alike. There is always an active exchange of knowledge for further jumps and more interesting tricks, even amongst the beginners.

By the way: if you feel a bit peckish, there are bars and restaurants at the park’s upper end. Otherwise, the piste leads you right from Stanton Park to St. Anton and close to Basecamp, where you find everything you need to makes tired bones and minds fit again.

All at one Click: the Fun Park App

What’s the weather like; which obstacles are in perfect shape, what are the news about the park and the team? A free app makes all this information (and more, from snow depth to ticket prices and best photos) available 24/7. The Stanton Park app is available for iPhones and Android devices. Apart from the Park app we also recommend the SHRAPIQ app to boarders and free riders. This image-sharing platform has been especially created for jumps, shreds, slides and everything boarding-related.

How to Get to the Fun Park for Skiers and Snowboarders

Stanton Park is located south of St. Anton. It’s around 250 meters by foot from the Bergschlössl Hotel to the valley station. Right at the park you will find the Rendl practise lift, a great means of transport for park visitors. You will get to St. Anton in the west of Tyrol just before the Arlberg mountain pass via Inntalautobahn (A12 motorway) if you arrive from the east; or via Arlbergstraße from the west.

Stanton Snow Park is open until 21st April. If you can’t make it until then, you will have to wait until next December. The waiting period does pay off 100% though: every summer new plans are created and every winter there are new and better lines and obstacles waiting.